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Nice to meet you. Welcome to “mitiwotabisuru.com”

“mitiwotabisuru” means “traveling roads” in Japanese.

This website inducts traveling all over the world by motorcycle HONDA XR250BAJA.


【実績と予定】 Performance and Schedules

2015.10~ 紅葉の日本縦断ツーリング Going through down Autumn Japan.←Finished

2016.1~ 東南アジア周遊ツーリング Traveling around southern east Asia.←Finished

2016.8~ ヨーロッパ周遊ツーリング Traveling around Europe.←Finished

2017.1~ 南米周遊ツーリング Traveling around Southern America←Now

                                                 宮下 高明 Takaaki Miyashita                  



現在は南米周遊ツーリングを行っているが、あまりの広さ(と楽しさ)に予定の期間をオーバーしてしまい一時帰国中。風景写真が好きでPENTAX K-1使用。旅先で出会う美しい風景と感動を伝えられる写真を撮れるように精進の毎日。好きなものはバイク、旅、写真。特技は居合。

I was born 1985 in Yamanashi prefecture in Japan. Now I live Yokohama city near Tokyo.  I graduated from a postgraduate course Yamagata university at 2011, after that I started working at the oil product company as an industry-checmical researcher. Then I quit my job, and started to travel autumn japan from Oct 2015 to Dec 2015. Next year, I selected Thailand as a start point of traveling around Southernesast asia. Half of year later, I transported my motorcycle from Japan to Holland and traveled around Europe.

Now I am on the way to travel all over the Southern America by my motorcycle. I have already driven about 50000km through 36 countries with Pentax K-1(full size digital image sensor camera from PENTAX). Especially, I love landscape photographs. These days, I endeavor to express my impression which I felt at superb view by my photographs. My favorites are motorcycle, traveling, photographs. Iai (kind of japanese fencing) is my forte.